Sheep Parasite and Health Workshops

Dr. Paula Menzies DVM
Professor, Department of Population Medicine
Ontario Veterinary College University of Guelph

Dr. Menzies is recognised as one of the leading small ruminant vets in Canada. She is well recognised by industry for her ongoing efforts to improve the overall health of sheep and goats in Canada. Paula has also shared her knowledge and contributed to the development industry programs like food safety, Code of Practice, biosecurity.

Dr. Menzies will be in Nova Scotia to share her knowledge with producers on the June 3 and 4th.

Friday evening at Fred Hamilton’s Farm join SPANS and Dr. Menzies for an on farm evening discussion of general flock health and management. This will be an opportunity to share Dr. Menzies extensive knowledge, and get that nagging question answered.

On Saturday join us at the Super 8 in Windsor for a workshop on sheep health issues. Dr. Menzies and Dr. Jones will discuss parasite issues, and the newly registered wormer Closantel and its appropriate use.

In addition Metacam has been recently registered for use in sheep and the use of this drug will be explained. Dr. Menzies visit to Nova Scotia will provide you as a sheep producer the opportunity increase your understanding of sheep health and management improving your flock productivity.

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