Canadian Verified Sheep Program

The Canadian Verified Sheep Program is an on-farm program created for any Canadian sheep or lamb producer.  In creating an industry driven program, the Canadian Sheep Federation assembled a committee of producers, industry and government representatives, who developed and continually review the program.

The program examines all areas of production and outlines good production practices (GPPs) that are designed to minimize food safety risks, maximize animal care, reduce biosecurity risks and produce a safe and high-quality product. As a producer, you recognize that you have always been responsible for identifying on-farm food safety hazards.

However, with the help of a training session and the Canadian Verified Sheep Program Manual, which outlines the food safety concerns identified on the farm and all of the GPPs identified to reduce the risk of a food safety hazard, you will have the tools to anticipate problems and develop troubleshooting techniques to reduce risks on your particular operation. In order to support and verify the GPPs you are using on your farm, you will also be responsible for maintaining a simple record keeping system to monitor and document the effectiveness of your actions.

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