Member Benefits

The Sheep Producers Association of Nova Scotia is the voice of sheep producers within the province at the local, regional and national level. The Board of SPANS actively works with industry stakeholders to conduct research, develop and deliver programs, develop resources, as well as to participate in public awareness activities which increase the sheep industry’s profile in the province.  Members benefit by accessing production, research, and marketing resources as well as gaining eligibility to programs for advanced payments, sheep handling, elite rams, and parasite control. Members are those who have purchased sheep tags within the past three years – if tags have not been purchased in that time, members are removed from the registry.

There are several direct and indirect benefits of being a member of SPANS including:

  • Potential CAP Program funding, as being in good standing with SPANS is a requirement for eligibility
  • Maritime Central Ram Performance & Genetic Evaluation Program opportunity
  • Participation in industry research
  • Free workshops – usually offered twice annually, often in conjunction with Perennia Extension Specialists. Previous workshops include Improving Lamb Survival, Ewe Lamb Management, Forage and Winter Feeding
  • Monthly industry updates, where you are notified of changes within the industry
  • Free promotional resources, such as pens, recipe cards, children’s activity books, fact sheets, etc.