Parasite Control

Since 2014, SPANS has partnered with Dr. Gwyneth Jones and her research team to study the effects the Barberpole Worm has had on the sheep industry in Nova Scotia.  Through their research, they have developed several practical management tools.

The Barberpole Worm

Epidemiology of the Barberpole Worm in Sheep in NS Fact Sheet

Anthelmintic Resistance Brochure

Worms In Winter Brochure


Additional Resources:

Handbook for the Control of Internal Parasites of Sheep and Goats (University of Guelph) (April 2019)

Dal AC at Home: Using Fecal Egg Counts for Sheep Parasite Management (August 2020)

Maritime AgCast – Episode 20: Preventing, Managing & Treating Sheep Parasites  (June 2021)

Online Resources for Integrated Management of Internal Parasites in Small Ruminants