Nova Scotia Shearers

In an effort to help producers contact shearers, SPANS is providing you with this list of those who are willing to shear this year.  If anyone has been missed from the list, we apologize, and we ask that you contact us with your name and contact information so you can be added.

Name Region Email Phone Number
Amber Petersen Atlantic Region, Quebec 902-314-7244
Peter Kozier Atlantic Region 902-384-3046
Amanda Dunfield NS & NB 902-790-1292
Lukas Lange NS 902-521-7837
Eric Sullivan Atlantic Region 902-440-6311 / 902-757-0615
Samantha Dawn NS 902-804-9205
Riley Logan NS 902-682 7920
Craig Sarty NS 902-289-1841

Do not pack your wool in garbage bags, in clean breathable sacks and do not contaminate it with plastic or bailer twine.  For more information on wool, contact Ruth at the Canadian Cooperative Wool Growers’ Depot by calling 902-897-7708.