Upcoming Workshops and Contests

Chainsaw Safety Awareness Workshop:

September 13th – Falmouth, NS: 9AM – 4PM (Register with info@farmsafetyns.ca by September 5th)

October 4th – Truro, NS: 9AM – 4PM (Register with info@farmsafetyns.ca by September 27th)

FSNS Member Cost: $75.00.

Youth Calendar Drawing Contest:

(Register by September 30th at farmsafetyns.ca)

Youth Video Contest:

(Register by September 30th at farmsafetyns.ca)

Progressive Ag Safety Day:

October 20th – Yarmouth, NS: 10AM – 2PM (Register by October 15th by submitting an application form here). 

For further information about these workshops and contests, please visit farmsafety.ca, or contact Carolyn Van Den Heuvel at (902)893-2293 or at cvandenheuvel@nsfa-fane.ca

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