Government of Canada increases sheep compensation amounts

June 6, 2012:

The Government of Canada has amended the Compensation for Destroyed Animals Regulations to increase the maximum amounts payable for non-registered sheep that are ordered destroyed during disease response situations.

Effective immediately, producers whose non-registered sheep are ordered destroyed may be eligible to receive up to a maximum of $825 per sheep. In all disease response situations, compensation is based on market value of the animal, up to the maximum amount set out in the regulations.

The revised compensation maximum amount for non-registered sheep is based on a thorough economic analysis. The sheep industry and government worked closely and collaboratively during the review process.

The compensation program encourages sheep producers to promptly report animal diseases by mitigating the economic impact when animals are ordered destroyed.
Immediate disease reporting is critical for controlling animal diseases and maintaining market access for live animals and animal products.

Changes to the Compensation for Destroyed Animals Regulations have been published in Canada Gazette, Part II and posted on the Canada Gazette Web site, at

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