Parasites in Sheep: The challenge (2nd session)

Parasitic worms are a serious problem in sheep and goats on many
farms, and reports of resistance to wormers are increasing in Nova
Scotia, as in many parts of the world.  The barber pole worm is also
much more of a problem in temperate countries than in the past, and
has emerged as a serious threat causing  anaemia, poor growth, and
losses, of lambs during July-August and of ewes in the spring.  This
problem has the potential to make raising small ruminants on pasture
very challenging.  Dr Ted Semple (NSAC/DalAC and Maritime Genetics) has
extensive experience with these issues, and will present a workshop on
October 13 in Truro.  He will discuss why these problems are
increasing, and how we can act to maintain health while reducing the risk of resistant worms.

We will have microscopes available for demonstrating faecal egg counts
and you are encouraged to bring a sample from your own animals for

Workshop: October 13, at the Ruminant Centre, DAC/NSAC, Truro:  

 10.30 – 3.00 
 Bring a lunch. 

 Space is limited, so advance registration is required.  Register with 
 the N.S. Federation of Agriculture, 893 – 2293
 Cost: $10.00, payable at the door

This workshop is supported by SPANS, PSBANS, Saint Mary’s Dept. of
Biology, the Ruminant Centre and NSFA