Baycox 5% Now Approved to Prevent signs of Coccidiosis

Bayer HealthCare is pleased to announce Baycox® 5% is now approved to prevent clinical signs of coccidiosis and to reduce coccidian shedding in lambs caused by Eimeria crandallis and Eimeria ovinoidalis. Canadian veterinarians and producers can now use Baycox 5% to protect lambs from the infection and avoid serious economic losses.

In 2010, Health Canada approved Baycox 5% for the treatment of preclinical cocidiosis due to Isospora suis in neonatal piglets.

Baycox 5% is a single-dose, ready-to-use product that is easy to administer. A single oral treatment of Baycox controls coccidia infection without impairing the ability of animals to acquire immunity, and promotes resistance to reinfection.

See news release below for additional information.

Bayer Animal Health Baycox 5% [PDF]