Mentoring Workshop


Kings County Federation of Agriculture will host a Mentoring Workshop to bring together established farmers who are interested in the next generation of farmers and what they can do to help them. The Workshop will take place on 22 March at the Kentville Agricultural Centre, Cornwallis Room, from 8:30 to 12noon. Participation is open to everyone in agriculture and there is no fee.

With input from beginning and transitioning farmers, the Workshop will identify the concerns, needs, and interest of members of KCFA’s farming community in order to develop strategies, processes, and programs to help fill the education gap between apprentice and independent farmer. Led by experienced speakers and facilitators, the Workshop will address what agricultural mentoring means and the participants will have opportunities to discuss the qualities, characteristics, and competencies of good mentors. The Workshop will begin the process of building a community of experienced farmers willing to serve as mentors in Kings County.

We encourage and invite everyone who has ever mentored someone, or who thinks they might want to find out more about mentoring, to join us. No experience is necessary.

Pre-registration is advised at  More information on the attached poster and by contacting

Mentoring Workshop Poster [PDF]