NSDA Online Premises ID Launch

The Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture is pleased to notify you that the Nova Scotia Premises ID Program has launched an online system that can be used by producers and others responsible for livestock premises to apply for premises identification (PID) numbers and to manage the information related to a premises on an on-going basis.

Premises identification is a way of linking livestock and poultry to a geographic location for the purposes of responding to emergencies that threaten animal or public health. It is a key component of the national livestock traceability initiative.

A premises is considered to be identified when the following information is complete, accurate and current:

  • Legal land description (property identification number)
  • Geo-coordinates
  • Land owner/Emergency contact information
  • Premises type (e.g. farm, community pasture, abattoir, etc.)
  • Animal type (all animals on the premises)
  • Maximum animal capacity for each farmed animal type (not an inventory but an estimate of the number of head of a given species that could be housed at the site)

Individuals responsible for a livestock premises can now go to http://novascotia.ca/agri/premisesid for more information and to follow the link to create an account and apply for a PID.

E-mails can also be sent to NSPID@novascotia.ca or you can call 902-890-9840.