CSF Survey on Master Shepherd Program

The Canadian Sheep Federation, in partnership with provincial sheep organizations, is responding to the need, identified by Canadian producers, for relevant production information. The plan is to offer a comprehensive continuing education program to assist lamb producers in building their farming enterprise.

The Canadian sheep industry is as diverse as the people involved in it and although we have a sense of the scope and types of issues facing producers, we need to determine the specifics of what producers, such as you, want access to. This is your opportunity to make your opinions known and to influence the content and format of the program as the material is being assembled.

The survey is divided into two parts. The first is subdivided by production topic; each will take 1-3 minutes to complete depending on how much additional detail you wish to provide. The second part addresses the need for, and availability and reliability of, existing educational resources. Feel free to add as much commentary as you wish. All responses will be kept in confidence and combined with other responses in order to make recommendations and develop the program.

Thank you for your opinions and your time in completing this survey.

If you can follow this link (http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/mastershepherds) and complete the survey electronically.