Nova Scotia Shearers

Shearing season is fast approaching again.  In an effort to help producers contact shearers, SPANS is providing you with this list of people who are willing to shear this year.  If anyone has been missed from the list, we apologize, and we ask that you contact us with your name and contact information so you can be added next year.

Shearer Phone Number Region
Dana Booth 902-546-2379 Cumberland County
Pauline Bolay 902-986-6455 or 204-659-2673 In Nova Scotia in June / July
Lukas Lang 902-644-2603 Lunenburg County
Ian MacNearney 902-883-1594 Hants County
Miranda Morse 902-762-2065 Yarmouth County
Sarah Nettleton 902-226-0942 Cape Breton
Valdis Peterson 902-583-3324 Call for availability
Eric Sullivan 902-757-0615 Hants County
Peter Kozier 902-384-3046 Halifax County

All your wool has value and with the availability of the Atlantic Wool Growers Wool Depot, producers can deliver their wool prior to the shipping day and not have it clutter the barn.  Atlantic Wool Growers will also accept wool at the Atlantic Stock Yards on Thursdays.  Cathy would prefer that larger lots of wool be delivered to the farm ion Princeport.  Please call 902-895-4039 to make delivery arrangements.

Do not pack your wool in garbage bags, in clean breathable sacks and do not contaminate it with plastic or bailer twine.  Wool bags are available from Atlantic Wool Growers.