Sheep Imports from USA

Under section 189 of the Health of Animals Regulations, with the exception of animals imported for immediate slaughter, every person who imports sheep shall report to the administrator: (i) the number of the approved tag, and (ii) enough information about the origin of the animal to allow the origin to be traced. This information shall be reported to the administrator (i.e. CCIA) within 7 days after importation of sheep.

Under task 2111 of the program’s Manual of procedures (MOP), you may have noticed the following note: “Requirement under 189 on reporting the import of sheep cannot be verified using the database, as the responsible administrator’s database has not been designed to receive this information yet. Consequently, it would be expected that this information is maintained at the establishment for viewing at the inspector’s discretion for now.”

Please note that the architecture of the administrator’s database

(CLTS) has recently been modified so that sheep import information may now be received and collected by CLTS.

Revisions to the MOP scheduled later this year (with the pig traceability requirements coming into force) will reflect this change.

Consequently, from that point, CFIA inspectors will verify whether sheep import information has been reported to CLTS.

Failure to meet requirements under 189(1)(b) and (2) is a minor offense under the AAMPS Regulations.