CCWG Wool Collection Depot

During these challenging times, the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Ltd (CCWG) wool depot is still in operation.

The Wool Collection Depot is accepting wool with the shipment to go August 22 (earliest) or September 5 (latest). The date is dependent on the trucking company’s availability and will be communicated ASAP.

Please contact:
Bert Meyer, Hummingbird Farm Livestock Supplies

Thursdays 12-6pm
Atlantic Stockyards Ltd. (formerly Maritime Cattle Market)
48 Greenfield Rd., Salmon River, NS

OR via appointment :
Hummingbird Farm
245 River Rd., Eureka, Springville, NS

You can also reach out to Bert or Julie, as CCWG agents for all your tags, wool bag etc. needs.

Julie Van Den Heuvel-Duykers
Antigonish Farm & Garden Co-op
Farm & Livestock Supplies
91 St. Andrews St., Antigonish, NS