SPANS Summer Job Posting

The Sheep Producers Association of Nova Scotia promote and assist in the sustainable development of Nova Scotia’s sheep industry in the best interest of the members and, ultimately, all Nova Scotians.  In addition to its own initiatives, SPANS works co-operatively with industry stakeholders to advance the sheep and related industries in Nova Scotia.

Established in 1982, the Northumberland Lamb Marketing Co-op Ltd is a producer owned and operated marketing co-operative.  With a focus on quality, Northumberlamb sells some of the most sought-after lamb by some of the best chefs and restaurants throughout Nova Scotia.

As a summer student, you will work jointly with SPANS and Northumberlamb to conduct research related to industry demographics, marketing decision making processes as well as existing and new marketing opportunities.  This position may also include preparation of standardized documents and organizing meetings and events.  From time to time, other administrative tasks may be required.

This Canada Summer Jobs position will be 35 hours per week for a period of 8 weeks.

Full Job Posting – Closing May 21, 2021